Platinum Creatine Review

A huge key to my weightlifting success comes from my supplements. In this post I am doing a review on Muscle Tech’s Platinum Creatine.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a supplement usually found in red meats. Now, what this supplement does for people when they are working out or recovering from an exercise is it helps build muscle not only faster, but bigger.

When you take creatine, the supplement takes all the nutrients and water you consume and directs them towards the muscles you are tearing when you are working out. It helps your muscles heal quickly, but also helps them get bigger because of all the nutrients forced in them upon tearing.

What do you mean tearing?

When you workout, whether is weightlifting, cardio, or sport training, your muscles tear. Not in a bad sense. You work your muscles out so then small tears happen in them, but when they heal, your muscles become bigger and stronger.

Why Platinum Creatine?

I love this supplement because I have been taking it for about two weeks now during my goal of gaining 15 pounds of muscle in November and I have gained 7 pounds so far. Not only that, but my bench press and squat weights have gone up much faster than they would have without the supplement.

If I were to recommend any creatine supplement, I would choose Muscles Tech’s Platinum Creatine.

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