The Power of Broke

Middle Class = Comfortable

Have you ever noticed all the success stories of people who came from no money to being multi-millionaires? Do you ever think to yourself, “I have more resources/money than they had, how come I can’t  be as successful as them?”
Well more than likely, you’re a part of the middle class if you have ever asked yourself this. Unfortunately, the middle class has the least chance of becoming millionaires than those of the lower class and the upper class. Why? Let me explain.
The reason it is more probable for someone in the lower class to become rich and successful is simply that of determination.
Now I know what you’re thinking.
“I have determination, so you must be wrong.” I am not saying you do not, but imagine living in a trailer with almost no money to your name. You live paycheck to paycheck, and only have the bare minimum to survive.
When you are part of the lower class, you have very little, thus you have very little to lose when you decide to take a chance to be successful. The lower class has more drive to get themselves out of their current situation. They are more willing to risk everything they have, which is very little, to achieve something great.
That is where people in the middle class are at a disadvantage.
The middle-class citizens have enough money, resources, and equity to be comfortable. They don’t have the extra drive to be successful because they are comfortable where they’re at. When some people in the middle class do decide to take a chance, they don’t do it with 100% effort because they are too afraid to lose what they have.

The Awakening

Take the story of Tai Lopez, a famous entrepreneur who remembers sleeping on a couch with only $47 dollars in his bank account. One day he decided to change is life and get out of the situation he was in.
I like to call this “the awakening” because every once in a while, someone realizes it’s time to do something the impact their own life. Unfortunately, most people who have this awakening tend to ignore it, or only act on it for a short amount of time. Those who act on it indefinitely tend to achieve great things in their life.
This again is more dominant in the lower class because when they have their awakening, they put all their effort into it because if they do not, they will be right back where they do not want to be. The middle class, however, do not need to put all their effort forward because even if they fail, they will be comfortably back where they started.
Make sense?

The Obvious

Now if you’ve noticed, we haven’t talked much about the upper class. The place most people below them financially want to be. Do people born in the upper class have less a chance of success than those in the lower class too or is it just the middle class?
Well frankly, those raised in the upper class have the same if not higher chance of success than both the middle and lower classes.
For obvious reasons. People who are born in the upper class already have the money and resources they need to become self-made. Thus it is easier for them to remain in the upper class.

Escape the Trend

If you are in the middle class and feel hopeless because you do not have the money the upper class has, nor the drive that the lower class has, then here are some tips to help.
One: Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has less than you. Even though you are part of the middle class, pretend that means you are in the lower class and find the drive to get out of the situation you’re in. Realizing there is a need for change is the first step.
Two: Find a mentor. Choose someone who has the lifestyle you want to live someday. Contact them to the best of your ability and do not only ask for advice. Ask specific questions like, “What mistakes did you make that I should look out for?” or “What are some of the best books you’ve read to help you get to where you are?”
Then make sure to follow up with your mentor and create a relationship with them. They say you become a lot like the 5 people you are around the most.
Three: Read “The Power of Broke” by Daymond John and learn about how the “hunger for success” is the greatest advantage someone can possess.
Four: Do something/anything different away from your daily routine. More than likely, you follow the same schedule every day. That is what keeps you comfortable and keeps you in the situation you currently are in. Step outside of that comfort zone and build on things you want to change in your life. Whether it’s your financial situation, relationship status, or job, work on it.
Five: Take advantage of the resources you do have. As of right now, you have more resources than those in the lower class, but since you usually do not act on them, they are going to waste. Use them and take advantage of them!
Just because you are in the middle class does not mean you cannot achieve your goals, its means you need to work a little harder.






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