Starting Something New

Today I want to discuss with you about why I created this website. I decided I wanted to try something new. It’s rather ironic that I chose blogging to be one of my new hobbies considering I hated writing back in high school and frankly, was never really good at it. The truth is, I am trying to step outside my comfort zone and improve on a skill I have always struggled with. You might be asking yourself, “How is blogging stepping outside of your comfort zone?” Well, it’s simple to me. I have always been the kind of guy who never wanted to do something where I could be judged negatively. My comfort was always found in blending with the crowd rather than trying to do something very few have the courage to do, which is posting personal content for the world to see. Recently, I have decided to start creating videos for fun and entertainment with some of my buddies. I have yet to post any here on this site, but expect videos within the next month or so. We plan on vlogging throughout our everyday lives, along with capturing some pranks, sports, and fitness on the camera. I am very excited to see where this hobby will take not only myself but also my pals.

Vlogging would be the next real reason as to why I created this site. I wanted a place to put the videos besides just YouTube. Don’t get me wrong, YouTube is a great place to post videos for the world to see, but its often hard to explain the content behind videos in such a small description post-space provided by YouTube. Here on BlogCrater, I will be able to not only present the videos created, but also provide a place for discussion and explanation¬†too.

Lastly, I wanted to try out some marketing skills I have thought I always possessed, but never had the time or effort to use. Here on BlogCrater, I intend to post one review on a product or service I use about once a week. This way BlogCrater becomes a source for viewers like you to pick and choose from a variety of products I have personally tried and enjoyed before you go and spend the money yourself. Most reviews will be along the lines of fitness, fashion, electronics, and books. If you watch any of my videos and see something I use or have that you would like to know more about, just email me at and I will try to respond within a week.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I will continue to put a lot of effort into it so it’s entertaining for you. Very excited to improve this project, thank you for all the support and do not forget to join the email list for updates on new content!

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