The Dwayne-amic Duo

If you did not know before, let me inform you that the Cleveland Cavaliers are by far my favorite NBA team. Most people criticise me of hopping on the bandwagon, but my favorite player of all time is LeBron James. With that said, I love every team he plays for, including the Miami Heat when he won two championships there. Anyways, Dwayne Wade has recently been bought out of his contract with the Chicago Bulls and he is looking to join a new team. What better team is there for Dwayne Wade than the one his best friend LeBron is one? These two had insane chemistry back in south beach. Dwayne would know when LeBron would be open before LeBron knew himself, yet James was always there to catch the oop. Here is a link to a video of Dwayne Wade and LeBron James consistently connecting on the basketball court. Please watch some of this video before continuing.



This is exciting not only myself but also all of the Cavaliers fans because with Dwayne Wade now open for grabs, who better to persuade him to come to Believeland than his old partner in crime LeBron James. On media day, LeBron was asked if he was planning on contacting DWade to come and join his team. LeBron responded with “I would love to have him be a part of this team.” James also goes into describing the attributes Wade would bring the Cleveland organization by says the key phrase “He brings” this to the team and “He brings” that to the team. The usage of this “He brings” hints to us that he has already been in contact with DWade and we might finally see this fantastic duo back on the court again.

Now, most people would argue that Dwayne Wade is not the player he used to be three to five years ago which may be true, but the veteran still averaged 18.3 points a game shooting about 43% in the 2016-2017 NBA season. Those stats alone are still better than 85% of the players in the league right now. Plus it is safe to say that anyone on the floor with LeBron James becomes more efficient simply because James make everyone around him better.

Unfortunately, the deal is not official yet but can be as soon as Wednesday, September 27, 2017. Frankly, Golden State is still the team to beat, but with new recruits such as Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Derrick Rose, and potentially Dwayne Wade, you better believe Cleveland is coming for the Championship. I look forward to hearing y’all’s opinion on the subject and do not forget to comment below.



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