Men’s Gatsby Hair Wax

Hey all! Today I am doing a review on a product I use personally called Men’s Gatsby Hair Wax. When I started high school, I wanted to mature from the typical “Bieber” hairstyle into something more grown-up. Getting a haircut was not the problem. Finding a product that could hold my hair all day and not make it look shiny was. After trying products such as OldSpice Hait Putty or Crew Pomade, I became frustrated because neither worked the way I wanted. They would make my hair look great when first styled, but after about an hour or two, the products would stop working and my hair would fall. I decided it was time to try something new because I saw famous people with hairstyles I wanted all the time. That is when I came across the Men’s Gatsby Hair Wax. This product has been essential to me since 2015. I currently use it every day and constantly get asked by others “How do you keep your hair styled and look dry all day?” If you’re someone who is looking for a hair product that can not only hold your hair, make it look dry instead of shiny, AND allow you to constantly adjust it throughout the day without having to add more, then THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU! I will soon post pictures of my hair to provide visual evidence, but until then, here is a link to my Instagram so you can see pictures of me and all the hairstyles I have used with Gatsby Wax since 2015! If you are interested in buying Gatsby Wax click here!


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